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Modesto boy suspended for making 'terroristic threats'

21 September 2017

A 5-year-old California boy was suspended after he told a teacher he had a bomb in his backpack, according to the boy's parents.

The incident took place last month, when Jackson Riley's kindergarten teacher told him to take off his bag.

The boy reportedly told his teachers there was a bomb in his backpack.

After his teacher looked inside and found nothing, the boy was suspended from lessons for one day.

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A FIVE-year-old boy who joked that he had a bomb in his school backpack has been suspended from class.

As it turned out, the code only applied to students from 4th through 12th grades, while Jackson was only in kindergarten.

The administration agreed that the code didn't fit to be imposed on the kindergartner, but didn't remove the suspension from Jackson's school record.

"It's all in the world of pretend play and we're talking about an imaginary bomb but, where was the threat?"

Jackson's father said that the school officials sent another letter later specifying that Jackson had made "terroristic threats". They also said the suspension was "extreme" and should be removed from their son's permanent record.

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"He was sent home, and he understands you can't say "bomb" at school".

After an outpouring of support online, the boy's father said: 'My wife and I really, truly, honestly, sincerely, appreciate all the supportive messages we have received today!

"He's 5. He has an imagination".

He added: 'We don't want terrorist threats to be on his permanent record.

However, the school does not seem too enthused.

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The school said in a statement to the television station it couldn't discuss the specifics of the case and that it "takes student safety and discipline very seriously".

Modesto boy suspended for making 'terroristic threats'