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YouTube Gaming ups community-building tools with paid 'sponsorships'

20 September 2017

Since first launching in 2015, YouTube Gaming has yet to achieve the same clout with livestreaming gamers as Inc.'s Twitch, but YouTube is looking to change that today with the public launch of Sponsorships, a new way for streamers to make money.

YouTube is undoubtedly the biggest hub for all video content.

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The YouTube Gaming Sponsorships feature is available now for all eligible channels, Google has confirmed.

If you've spent any significant time on Twitch, then YouTube sponsorships will probably seem pretty familiar to you. We use cookies to improve your browsing experience. The program that prevailed only in beta before to today will now be accessible to any channel in the YouTube Gaming mobile app a Twitch contender that uplifts gaming characters live stream their play forums and post edited recordings of game play footage. The new feature also marks the end of a similar but mostly forgotten service called paid channels that YouTube said failed to catch on. YouTube Gaming's new sponsorship option, though, owes more to crowdfunding services like Patreon: 'With sponsorships, fans can purchase digital goods directly from your channel and support you via monthly recurring payments of $4.99 United States dollars (local pricing applies),' explains YouTube Gaming product manager Barbara Macdonald in the launch announcement. They also receive "perks" such as custom emojis and badges. Those perks include access to exclusive chat windows and creator-specific emoji. Lots of let's players added or switched to streaming on their channels and are already seeing great traffic and making consistent revenue through Super Chats (in-stream donations) and sponsors.

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In April, the company announced a change to its YouTube Partner Program - which it launched 10 years ago - stopping creators from turning on the monetisation function until they hit 10,000 lifetime views on the channel.

In any case, sponsorships are available to streamers who meet Google and YouTube's requirements. With a third new feature now being introduced as sponsorships, the paid channels feature is now being put to rest by YouTube.

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Just over a year ago, a number of high-profile YouTubers exited the platform after being told their content - including "vulgar language", "violence", and "controversial or sensitive subjects and events" - was not "advertiser-friendly", Mashable reported.

YouTube Gaming ups community-building tools with paid 'sponsorships'