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Plane in Paris heading to London is surrounded by police

17 September 2017

A British Airways flight from Paris was evacuated at Charles de Gaulle airport here on Sunday for security reasons after passengers were told a "direct threat" had been made towards the aircraft.

Pictures and video from the scene show police and fire engines surrounding the plane as it sits on the runway at the airport.

"Apparently an individual has made a direct threat to this aircraft".

All those on the flight have since been searched by armed officers.

Upon leaving the aircraft, Anderson tweeted that all passengers underwent multiple X-ray scanning checks while security personnel searched baggage and sniffer dogs walked through the plane.

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Mr Anderson told "Initially the pilot told us there were technical issues".

Flight BA0303 was due to leave Charles de Gaulle airport at 7.25 but was evacuated on the tarmac.

"We were then told the aircraft had to move to another part of the airport".

As reported by the Metro, the British Airways plane was immediately surrounded by Paris police and fire vehicles due to the #security threat and according to a witness, James Anderson, all passengers were then searched by armed police.

One passenger on the plane said it was surrounded by dozens of armed officers and firefighters.

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British Airways wrote on its website: "We're very sorry, this flight has been delayed significantly".

British Airways has assured passengers they will be able to board another flight later today.

Anderson said customer were being rebooked onto next available flights.

An improvised explosive device partially detonated on a train at the Parsons Green station on the District line, injuring 29 people. 'We would never operate a flight unless it is safe to do so'.

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Plane in Paris heading to London is surrounded by police