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Japan to play a bigger role in development of NE

17 September 2017

"This is China's position", she said.

The term "eastern section" is used by Beijing to refer to the border along Arunachal Pradesh.

The varied stance of US President Donald Trump over the South China Sea may also have influenced the mention of the dispute between India and Japan.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to India, part of annual summits between the two countries, has set strategic ties on a fast track.

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"You must be very clear that boundary of the India-China border area has not been totally delimited and we have disputes in the eastern section of the boundary".

The BJP chief's comments come amid Japan's push for stepping up investments in India's north east. "We are now trying to seek a solution through negotiation that is acceptable to both sides", Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said. The joint statement and comments by the two Prime Ministers in Gandhinagar also sent out a similar message that will be read closely in China on several counts.

He said that development of infrastructure in the northeastern region would help India open out much more to Myanmar, Bangladesh and beyond.

In the past, the Modi government has issued direct mentions of the South China Sea dispute in its past joint declarations, specifically with the U.S. in 2014, under the presidency of Barack Obama.

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"We hope that all parties can make concerted efforts to uphold the freedom of navigation and overflight enjoyed by all countries in relevant waters under the worldwide law and stay committed to settling the issues and disputes between them through dialogue and consultation", she added. "Under such circumstances, various parties should respect such aspects and any third party should not be involved in our efforts to resolve the disputes", Hua said.

Analysts say the planned $40 billion Asia-Africa Growth Corridor takes direct aim at China's Belt and Road project, envisaged as a modern-day "Silk Road" connecting China by land and sea across Asia and beyond to the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

"I should also add that India and Japan are important countries in Asia. As far as I am concerned, it is better to ask Japan and India and see whether they can make some clarifications on this". "We hope the normal development of the relationship can be conducive to regional, peace and development and play a constructive role in this process", the Chinese spokesperson added.

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Japan to play a bigger role in development of NE