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Dragon Ball FighterZ adds Tien, Yamcha, and Android 21

17 September 2017

There's no word yet on whether she will be playable, but at the very least it's nice to see Arc System Works steering into the game's narrative with an original character.

Revealed in the latest issue of the Japanese magazine V-Jump, the new character was designed by series creator Akira Toriyama and will take part in the game's alternate timeline story based around the gentle Mohawk giant we all know as Android 16. She is a scientist, although no other information about her was provided.

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Bandai Namco also revealed in the latest V-Jump that Yamcha and Tien will be in Dragon Ball FighterZ as playable characters.

Much about the mysterious scientist Android 21 remains unknown, but they say she's a scientist whose intellect equals that of Dr. Gero's. These two are newest playable characters to join the expanding roster of the 2018 fighting title. Yamcha comes complete with his Wolf Fang Fist and Spirit Ball, while Tien has the Dodon Ray (which Toriyama seemed to forget Tien had), Volleyball Attack, and gets some assists from Chiaotzu's telekinetic powers. Also spotted in the scan is Chaozu, who will be included in FighterZ as an assist character. The list includes SS Goku, SS Vegeta, SS Teen Gohan, Cell, Majin Buu, Frieza (Final form), Future Trunks, Piccolo, Krillin, Android 16, and Android 18. This beta is different from traditional ones due to the fact that it will only run through predetermined three hour blocks. The biggest gaming convention in Asia will be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan from September 21 to September 24.

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The roster is rounding out quite nicely as the game continues to build towards its release in early 2018.

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