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American ISIS Fighter Captured in Syria

17 September 2017

Reports that an American is in the custody of the mostly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces were not disputed by USA officials, but they withheld further comment.

It said that multinational coalition troops advising and assisting the SDF were present but not wounded as a result of the Russian strike.

In Syria, whatever the U.S. decides to do will be totally independent of the Syrian government's position.

A fighter of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is seen in the eastern part of Deir al Zor, Syria September 12, 2017.

The SDF accused Damascus of trying to obstruct its fighters.

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Such attacks "waste energies that should be used against terrorism, threaten the security of the region, and open the door to side conflicts", it said.

He said that five ISIS fighters, clutching leaflets urging surrender dropped by the US on Raqqa in eastern Syria, had turned themselves into the SDF but that a USA citizen was not among them.

The Pentagon's referral to the Justice Department indicated that the new American detainee would also be turned over to federal courts.

The strike occurred early Saturday, hitting an area east of the Euphrates River, near the city of Deir Ezzor.

"We have requested explanations from the Russian Government", he told Reuters.

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Syrian regime forces are fighting for Dayr Az Zawr southeast of Raqqa, while SDF continues its offensive north of that city.

But while Dillon acknowledged that the US-backed fighters would not go into the city, he said there were plenty of other ISIS targets farther down the river.

"I'm not saying this will happen tomorrow ... but this is the strategic intent", Bouthaina Shaaban said in a TV interview.

A tank in Deir al Zour, where the Syrian army is fighting ISIS.

Islamic State's declaration in 2014 of a "caliphate" spanning both countries effectively collapsed in July, when an Iraqi offensive captured Mosul, the militants' capital in Iraq.

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The deal gave safe passage to 600 people, including ISIS fighters and their families, across the Syrian desert from the Lebanese border in southwestern Syria and to the border with Iraq.

American ISIS Fighter Captured in Syria