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5 dead after AC issue that forced evacuation of Hollywood nursing home

17 September 2017

Owner Ralph Marrinson said all five of his Florida facilities lost power after Irma. There was no air conditioning.

Otherwise, he said he never experienced problems with the staff in the eight years his mother, Gail Nova, lived there. Ms. Pina visits every day.

"The devastation left by Hurricane Irma was far greater, at least in certain locations, than anyone thought - but fantastic people working hard!" And there was no power. As of Wednesday, almost 60 percent of customers had electricity restored, according to Florida Power & Light. Communication with the staff had always been like "pulling teeth", so it did not strike him as unusual that they had not been returning his calls since Sunday.

She also added that the rehab facility is located across the street from a hospital, which did not lose power during the storm.

Harrison is on the Florida Health Innovation subcommittee which oversees legislation governing Florida nursing homes.

The utility did not arrive until Wednesday after some patients began experiencing health emergencies, prompting evacuation of the center, according to a timeline provided by the nursing home. They kept saying, we will get to it; just have patience. It didn't happen with these people. 'We've been calling and calling.

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Across Florida, 4.4 million homes and businesses still have no power.

SHAPIRO:.Lots of people did. The association is working with the state to identify homes without power in greatest need so utility companies could prioritize them.

To Trump, the wall may not come in this potential deal, but he said an "understanding" about the wall in the future was paramount to getting a deal done.

"Kristin and I are saddened by this news and send our deepest sympathies to the victim's family and friends", Cooper said.

Officials said they dialed the number multiple times to report that the facility lost power - and even tried Scott's personal cell - but it took days for them to receive help.

SHAPIRO: Can you describe what it was like in there?

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Some 115 vulnerable people were evacuated from the residence in total. They had them in the hall with little clothing and portable air conditions and fans.

There, the president gave water bottles and supplies to members the community whose homes were devastated by the storm.

SHAPIRO: How long has your mother lived there? Were you always satisfied? It's shameful. I can't imagine what she must have gone through. Of course it's an older type of building, but it was well-maintained and very caring.

"Walking away from a boat - that is one of my family's main source of income - is very hard to (do), especially when you secure all your property and everything else knowing that you may not see it again", Barr told the TV station this week. "I hope this man right here, Rick Scott, runs for the Senate", he said.

PINA: Thank God she is.

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5 dead after AC issue that forced evacuation of Hollywood nursing home