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'It' Producer Seth Grahame-Smith Inspired By Stephen King's Writing

06 September 2017

With Muschietti tentatively scheduling IT Part 2 to film next spring, fans can at least be assured that rubber spiders are unlikely to be making an appearance in the sequel, but it will be interesting to see how he will tackle one of the most controversial horror endings of all time. "Nobody will do Tim Curry as good as Tim Curry, and nobody can do Bill Skarsgard except me!" he said with a laugh.

"It" begins with a very vivid homage to the 1990 miniseries as little Georgie Denbrough, clad in a yellow raincoat, chases a paper boat down the rain-soaked streets of the fictional suburban town of Derry, Maine, right to a storm drain. "Otherwise it would be a four and a half hour movie that no one would enjoy", the producers said. "This kind of lends itself to that as well".

Now the 27-year-old, whose only claim to fame outside his native country is the TV series Hemlock Grove and supporting parts in movies Allegiant and Atomic Blonde, is playing his first leading role in It.

Sylvia Woon, Interim Commercial Director at ODEON UK & Ireland, said: "The highly-anticipated return of Pennywise to the big screen promises to send chills down guests' spines, which is why we wanted to give our bravest fans the chance to be amongst the first to catch the film at ODEON".

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"There was a first, visceral reaction that is hard to explain", says Muschietti.

In fact, one expression the actor was able to bring to the role took the director by surprise. I really tried to hone in on pretty much on every page Pennywise was present. This It is a half-hearted remake of Stand By Me with a killer clown.

"We wanted to carry the impact of the encounters to when the cameras were rolling". If you've read it, you know what I'm talking about. And although that version features a haunting performance by Tim Curry as the titular monster, its workmanlike presentation doesn't come close to this new adaptation, which understands that King's small-town nostalgia is purposefully grandiose. Many have raised an eyebrow to the announcement, fearing that the actor of Swedish origin to the attractive mouth could make Pennywise quite threatening.

And in case you're wondering what Eagan and Louie's parents reckon about the whole thing, mum Brooke is totally on board.

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Skarsgard claims not to suffer from coulrophobia himself but says that portraying Pennywise throughout the shoot definitely got under his skin.

"I was still in the casting process, before I got the job", he said. You get the feeling that anyone could be killed, and that makes every tense scene that much more nerve-racking. To me, it's all about character. The relationships you have at that age is something you'll never, ever have again. "You're not aware of it when you're in it". Well, I can tell you it's fantastic, there is genuine terror when Pennywise enters a room. Sometimes it was Pennywise and me. "The way I look back at it, it was like sort of an exorcism of Pennywise, me letting go of Pennywise, but Pennywise not wanting to be let go of".

As the spray painted text reveals, the balloons are a marketing tool for the for the upcoming release of Stephen King's chilling horror film "It".

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