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At $169, Nest thinks the Thermostat E is for everyone

31 August 2017

The Thermostat E comes in at $169, a fair chunk of change cheaper than the $249 Learning model, but the good news is that it won't be skimping on numerous features.

The Nest Thermostat E is created to "subtly blend" into its environment, Nest said in a statement.

When I asked Veron why Nest's "cheaper" thermostat still costs $169, he said that's just what it costs to build a Nest-quality product.

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There is one more trade-off with the E over the original thermostat however: it has killed off the most advanced configuration options and has just six rather than 10 potential wire connections.

When nobody is home the Nest Thermostat E will detect this and shut down your heating to save you money. The Nest Learning Thermostat is designed for the type of person who wants technology to be a focus in his or her household. To make this particular Thermostat E forgettable, the Nest has concealed the display behind a glass which blocks the light that is coming through the glass. Not surprisingly, the "E" stands for, according to Nest, "Everyone" and "Earth".

The Nest Thermostat E will also be compatible with smart home gadgets like Amazon Echo and Google Home, allowing you to control your heating with your voice alone. Just 11 percent of American households with broadband Internet have smart thermostats, and only 18 percent of households were willing to pay for a $250 thermostat, according to a Parks Associates survey a year ago. Like the Learning Thermostat, the lower-priced device can keep tabs of your habits to learn your schedule through your activities, whether you're home, and if you adjust the temperature manually. When the motion sensor is triggered, the Nest will light up with large orange numbers showing the current temperature. The plastic is coated to feel like ceramic and the frosted screen looks very cool when it's on, but the thermostat blends into its surroundings when it's not in use. There's Eco Mode for energy savings and a bubble level under the hood for self-installation. You choose actions by turning the outer ring and accept or activate by pressing the screen. Meanwhile, they've dropped a few wiring connections inside that Nest says will limit compatibility to around 85% of USA houses rather than 95% - so if you've already checked if the original model will work with your place, you might want to check again here. On Thursday, however, Nest is unveiling a brand new smart thermostat that doesn't aim to be the best. It's a relatively plain white puck, and when it's on a wall, it's really easy to ignore. The Learning Thermostat's glass-covered display features bright, saturated colors against a reflective black background. Nest marketing manager Julia DeIuliis described the difference as between "an oil painting and a watercolor".

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For the last couple of years, a team within Nest has been working on another thermostat.

It'll certainly look at home on a white wall.

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At $169, Nest thinks the Thermostat E is for everyone