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When will Game of Thrones season 8 air? Probably not until 2019

29 August 2017

Cersei then goes to her Queencave to hang out and wait for Tyrion to come and beg her to reconsider, which he does. It's certainly not the first time fans of this show have watched two relatives have sex with one another, but the scene comes cloaked in a sense of uneasiness all the same.

At long last, Game of Thrones fans finally have confirmation on the biggest Jon Snow (Kit Harington) theory in the whole story - not that it wasn't already mostly confirmed. How do you complain about an episode like that?

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Having said this before, it nevertheless bears repeating: "Game of Thrones" operates at a level unlike anything else on television, coupling the spectacle of a theatrical blockbuster with the sprawling serialized drama of "The Sopranos". Game of Thrones is large; it contains multitudes. Personally, I prefer the version of this show that's "people drinking wine and making complicated political alliances" to the version that's "massive zombie battles and ice dragons"-but there are things I like about both, and there's no reason Game of Thrones can't aspire to be both at the same time". How Many Episodes Will Be In Game of Thrones Season 8? Arya's sham trial does a great job of drawing him out, and her execution of the scheming Lord Baelish is utterly satisfying, yet it nearly gets lost amongst all the grandstanding in King's Landing, the inter-family rufty, and the massive undead dragon melting a vast hole in The Wall.

Wait, so what was Cersei's plan, exactly?

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And on that cheery note.we'll see thee next season! The moment when Jaime finally abandons Cersei is rich with seven seasons of well-earned history. But haven't we all been expecting this schism since Jaime revealed his well-concealed heroic streak to Brienne of Tarth? But instead they might have laughed, especially when Bran claimed, "No one knows; no one but me". HBO has already announced that they are working on more than one spin-off for the series. It can either try to outsmart us by deviating from expectations, or it can try to execute those expectations so satisfyingly that they're exciting even when they're not surprising. "I will never forget them". Jon gives him the medieval version of Miranda's "Go get our girl" speech from the Sex and the City finale, and Theon goes to get Euron's pirates to help him rescue her. Maybe the other two could end it? The Hound squaring off against The Mountain, in a colossal tease for all the Cleganebowl enthusiasts who have demanded the sibling's impending fight to the death more intensely than everyone else has shipped Jon and Dany. Methinks Jon still knows nothing. No messing about - the Night King shows up and has zombie Viserion rip a large chunk out of the edge, causing a good portion to just collapse into the sea and allowing his army to pour through into the north.

Even the simple sight of Rhaegar and Lyanna on-screen together, likely the happiest they'd ever be, was a huge moment for Game of Thrones fans. What's more, he's not just the most important bastard in the Seven Kingdoms.

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When will Game of Thrones season 8 air? Probably not until 2019