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Thierry Henry reacts to Liverpool's 4-0 thrashing of Arsenal

29 August 2017

After the match, much, and perhaps the majority, of coverage has revolved around yet another Arsenal crisis and what it all means for Arsene Wenger.

Ramsey was arguably among the worst performers, with his apparent lack of effort and concentration directly contributing to the defeat for Arsenal.

"I called them cowards last season and got a bit of criticism but I'll say it again: cowards. There is something wrong with Arsenal at the minute", he told Sky Sports.

"I knew what would happen today, I knew what was going to happen against Leicester [4-3 win], I knew what was going to happen at Stoke [1-0 defeat]..." If I am the problem, I am sorry, but I believe all together we lose.

"As the games have gone on, we've got better and better".

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Henry added that it wasn't necessarily the fact that Arsenal lost to Liverpool, but rather the manner in which they were defeated, which was "unwatchable" according to Henry.

Liverpool thrashed the Gunners 4-0 with an outstanding display of attacking football in their Premier League clash at Anfield.

"But we go back to the same thing, they're going to have to readjust a lot".

"We were not good enough".

Everything doesn't seem right at Arsenal, it's clear for all to see the performance against Liverpool is the sort you title players not playing for the manager - and you can also translate it to players not willing to signing new contract deals.

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Keown won three Premier Leagues and three FA Cups under Wenger at Arsenal. Of course you can analyse the chances we gave away but I just think overall the performance was not at the requested level.

In the words of commentator Jim Beglin, "Liverpool - Arsenal games have of late always been a rip-snorter of a watch" and boy did it live up to the hype. "The result is a effect of our performance", he said.

"We must at least repeat our performance of past year by finishing in the top four, and then fight for the title", Firmino told the Mirror.

Liverpool will have an uphill battle to maintain that record at home in September when they play host to both Sevilla and Burnley.

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