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Secret Service Investigating Trump Assassination Comment

21 August 2017

Because of that, Gov. Eric Greitens and Lt. Gov. Mike Parson, both Republicans, said on Friday that state senators should oust Chapelle-Nadal, a Democrat, who has continued to reject calls for her resignation.

- A Missouri state senator Sunday apologized for a Facebook post that hoped for the assassination of President Donald Trump, saying, "I made a mistake".

"I will continue to fight for issues that are really, really important", said Ms Chappelle-Nadal, who was a prominent voice during the protests in Ferguson after the 2014 police shooting death of Michael Brown.

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"It was wrong for me to post that", Chappelle-Nadal said.

"What I said was wrong, but I am not going to stop talking about what led to that, which is the frustration and anger that many people across America are feeling right now". She walked out and didn't take any questions after delivering her three-minute statement. Last week, a screenshot of Chappelle-Nadal's deleted Facebook comment reading, "I hope Trump is assassinated!" drew national coverage and calls for her resignation, including from Governor Eric Greitens.

But Maria Chappelle-Nadal, a Democrat who critics say should resign, did not indicate any willingness to do so.

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"If she will not resign, the Senate can vote to remove her".

Chappelle-Nadal later admitted the remark was wrong, explaining that she had succumbed to frustration over events in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend, during which a white supremacist protester drove his auto through a group of counter-protesters, killing a woman.

"I let them know that I had no intentions of hurting anyone or trying to get other people to hurt anyone at all", she said. "Absolutely not", she told the St Louis Post Dispatch. "I do not think it is worthy of expelling me from the Senate".

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However, the Democratic lawmaker did not give any indication that she would resign, despite bipartisan insistence that should do so. She said she now believes she is being "targeted" by other officeholders, including the governor, because of political expediency or grudges.

Secret Service Investigating Trump Assassination Comment