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USA allies 'trust Vladimir Putin more than Donald Trump'

18 August 2017

According to AFP, a decree published by the Kremlin said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had signed off on the awarding of citizenship.

In Turkey, Hungary, Greece, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, more people had confidence in the Russian president than in his USA counterpart "to do the right thing regarding world affairs", according to the poll.

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These countries included USA allies like CNNGermany, France, and Japan.

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"Although confidence in Putin's handling of foreign affairs is generally low, in many countries he is more trusted than American President Donald Trump", the Pew Center wrote about its new poll that asked which leader they felt would "do the the right thing".

Ms Merkel and several European leaders vehemently opposed Mr Trump's lack of endorsement of Article 5 of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation - which states that when one member of the military alliance is attacked it is as if all are attacked. Nearly three in four had little or no confidence in him. Trump also led among non-NATO U.S. allies Australia and the Philippines, as well as in Israel, where he was far more trusted than Putin. In both countries trust in Putin outpaces Trump by 31 percentage points.

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He bettered the Russian president in Australia, Canada, Poland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, albeit by small margins. Trust in Putin also exceeded trust in Trump by double digit percentage points in Vietnam, Germany, Tunisia, Mexico and South Korea. In South Korea, Putin's margin was 10 points. Half of Greeks surveyed said they had confidence in Putin, while only 19 percent said the same of Trump. Depending on the country, interviews were conducted by telephone or face-to-face. Despite widespread disapproval, the vast majority of those surveyed do not view Russian Federation as a major threat to their nation.

USA allies 'trust Vladimir Putin more than Donald Trump'