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Princess Diana was 'so relaxed' on her wedding day, says dress designer

14 August 2017

"The princess, who told me she was genuinely upset by her husband's refusal to join her at the Taj Mahal, had privately made a decision to drive home the point", Diana's former personal protection officer Ken Wharfe writes in his book, Guarding Diana: Protecting The Princess Around The World.

In the event, Diana, who died in 1997, kept her right to the title and to her apartments at Kensington Palace, but relinquished the title of "her royal highness", and any future claim to the British throne. "Obviously, it wasn't quite a ideal comparison by any means, but nonetheless she was flawed, she was vulnerable, and yet she had the courage to take on the hard challenges that she faced in her life". "'It's just sick, ' she said repeatedly". So I answered the phone "yes hello" and Diana was on the phone and she said will you please design my wedding dress?

"Her whole face drops as she says "No": her mouth closes, her eye expression becomes sadder to suggest she would have liked the role and then she looks directly back at Bashir to cue him to ask more".

She added: "There was no confidentiality agreements at that time and we were all in it alone".

Her brother, who has been one of most vocal supporters since her death in 1997, features in a new series by People and ABC, airing on United States television.

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Elizabeth Emmanuel was asked how she feels about Diana 25 years on replied: "She was fun, she laughed a lot". It was such a joy to work with her.

Princess Diana also put her own spin on the stunning gifts, turning stones from the watch and ring into earrings and a velvet-ribboned choker.

Before her tragic death, she lifted the lid on her the now infamous love triangle with Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles and hinted that she received no sexual gratification from the husband in videotaped confessions, captured by friend and speech coach Peter Settelenwill between 1992 and 1993.

"It was not justified at all, it was a cruel heartless thing to do and I think it was Diana's perception of how Raine was treating Mrs Shand Kidd", Raine's personal assistant Sue Howe said.

"I think Diana was very stressed".

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"She accentuated the size of her eyes by using white liner on the lower lid and by dipping her head in her signature style her overall message was of a sad woman who had lived through a tragedy". It does hurt everybody else sadly.

Two decades later, Prince William and Prince Harry feel the need to stand up for her name and remind people of Diana's character and person.

"She was such an awesome human being, how could something like that, that tragedy, happen to her?"

"Later, however, she told me that she had been genuinely shocked by some of the baser comments, particular the Prince's tampon reference".

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Princess Diana was 'so relaxed' on her wedding day, says dress designer