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'N Korean missiles can reach Guam in 14 minutes'

13 August 2017

But officials in Guam, the tiny island territory that Kim Jong Un has threatened to attack, aren't keeping citizens in the dark.

North Korea warned that a plan to attack Guam would be in place by mid-August and dismissed Trump's threats as a "load of nonsense", according to reports.

Hours earlier, as North Korea's war of words with US President Donald Trump intensified, Pyongyang said it was developing a plan to launch four intermediate-range missiles towards the Pacific island.

Trump said he was considering additional sanctions on North Korea, adding that they would be "very strong". Combined Force Command at Yongsan Garrison, a USA military base, in Seoul, South Korea, Friday, Aug. 11, 2017.

"We are prepared for any eventuality, more so than any other American community", he said.

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The possibility of a nuclear confrontation is considered remote but worldwide alarm has been escalating in recent days. Guam officials are disseminating fact sheets to help residents prepare for a possible missile attack from North Korea. Threatening to fire a volley of missiles toward a major US military hub _ and the home to 160,000 American civilians _ may seem like a pretty bad move for a country that is seriously outgunned and has an terrible lot to lose.

"The powerful revolutionary Paektusan army of the DPRK, capable of fighting any war the USA wants, is now on the standby to launch fire into its mainland, waiting for an order of final attack", it said. "Fight tonight" has long been the motto of USA forces in South Korea to show they're always ready for combat on the Korean Peninsula.

While experts estimate the consequences and economic impact of an imminent us vs North Korea war, some Guamanians are stockpiling essentials to survive while taking shelter if Pyongyang makes good on its promise to strike the island. Trump said he thought US allies South Korea and Japan were "very happy" with how he was handling the confrontation.

Trump has pushed China to pressure North Korea to halt a nuclear weapons program that is nearing the capability of targeting the United States.

The analysis was said to have been completed on July 28 in a classified summary by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

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KCNA said on Wednesday a mass rally was held in Pyongyang to support the government. "I feel safe with our military presence here - Andersen and the Navy". One third of the island is owned by the USA military.

The majority of islanders are ethnically Chamorro - the indigenous group that has lived on the island for thousands of years - and their culture is a touchstone for the islander's way of life. "And not a lot of Americans know that".

Guam is about 2,100 miles southeast of Pyongyang, and 3,800 miles west of Honolulu.

If North Korea launches missiles on Guam, it would take only about 14 minutes for the rockets to reach the USA territory, the island's Homeland Security spokeswoman announced. She noted that similar threats in 2013 led to an advanced missile defense system - known as THAAD, for Terminal High Altitude Area Defense - to be permanently placed on the island as a deterrent.

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'N Korean missiles can reach Guam in 14 minutes'