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Leaders of US, France Discuss N. Korean Issue

13 August 2017

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un responded by threatening, if attacked, to strike targets in or around Guam in the western Pacific.

Trump has faced some pushback for his fiery rhetoric toward Pyongyang, with Secretary of Defense James Mattis saying the State Department is doing all in its power to "resolve this global threat through diplomatic means".

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspects the long-range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-12 in this undated
Leaders of US, France Discuss N. Korean Issue

McMaster said the threat from North Korea to the world is "very, very clear".

Trump's warning came after the North Korea threatened to fire ballistic missiles over Japan towards the US Pacific island of Guam.

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Of Trump's "fire and fury" remarks, Mattis said: "The rhetoric is up to the president. I think we're not closer to war than a week ago", McMaster said on ABC's "This Week".

A White House statement said Trump and President Emmanuel Macron had discussed "the increasingly unsafe situation associated with North Korea's destabilising and escalatory behaviour".

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U.S. President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron spoke by phone on Saturday and agreed to work together on a crisis on the Korean Peninsula، the White House said in a statement، according to "Reuters".

North Korea has responded in kind, assuring the USA of "total defeat" in the event of a war and claiming it is preparing for an attack on the American military base in Guam in mid-August. China is the North's biggest economic partner and source of aid, but says it alone can't compel Pyongyang to end its nuclear and missile programs.

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State-run China Central Television quoted Xi as telling Trump the "relevant parties must maintain restraint and avoid words and deeds that would exacerbate the tension on the Korean Peninsula".

Leaders of US, France Discuss N. Korean Issue