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How epic dragon battle was created in "Game of Thrones"

13 August 2017

Game of Thrones's season seven episode "The Spoils of War" is full of emotional reunions for House Stark.

A video (above) that has gone viral on Facebook shows ardent Game of Thrones fans watching the latest episode with bated breath in a pub (location unknown).

"Having said that, the battle one wasn't put together and all the elements weren't in place and the music wasn't there and so forth".

Firstly, looks like the battle between the Lannisters and the armies (and dragon) under Daenerys left absolute carnage, which all looks too much for poor old Tyrion...

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In last week's episode of Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen's (Emilia Clarke) dragon Drogon changed the course of the war for the Iron Throne by incinerating her enemies.

Game of Thrones has released a new batch of photos ahead of episode five "Eastwatch" - and there's no Jaime Lannister in sight.

I use the word "saved" loosely here, because as the two men plunged into the water, the last shot we saw on our TV screens was that of Jaime sinking like a stone to the bottom of that black water (pun intended).

Following Bronn's life-saving move, Jaime sinks in the water to some unknown fate. But, in the trailer, we see Varys counseling Tryion make Daenerys listen to him.

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So, Jon Snow, King of North, we shall bend the knee and pledge our fealty to you.

Since Daenerys has little trust in Tyrion and Varys, especially after their clever plans led to one failure after another, it will be up to Jon Snow to stand up to her for the sake of the people. Let us know in the comments! Will he go to Eastwatch with Daenerys to show him the danger that threatens them all?

Cersei's greatest fear will be realized: One of her younger brothers will kill her - but it won't be Jaime or Tyrion cutting her throat. So many things that we were waiting for finally happened: the three remaining Starks were reunited in Winterfell, a dragon was unleashed, and we got the season's first proper cliff-hanger...

Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, hinted at their relationship, as well.

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How epic dragon battle was created in