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Backlash swift after Democratic congresswoman calls the NRA a security threat

13 August 2017

Last week, Loesch and the NRA released an advertisement in which she attacked The New York Times as "fake news" and told the newspaper to consider the ad a "shot across your proverbial bow".

During an appearance on Fox News Friday, Loesch railed against Rice, saying the New York Democrat spoke more aggressively against the NRA than she does about violent gangs, like MS-13.

The ominous remark "we can't ignore that" takes on added emphasis with Rice sitting on the Homeland Security Committee.

I have no idea how Ms. Rice equates this with being a threat to national security, but I can imagine that she hasn't made any new friends for her party.

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The Congresswoman was responding to Loesch's reply to a tweet August 9, which had asked the gun rights body's spokeswoman why the NRA had remained silent when an armed black man, Philando Castile, was shot dead in Minnesota by a policeman in 2016, despite following safety rules. "The NRA and Dana Loesch are quickly becoming domestic security threats under President Trump".

The Philando Castile shooting included disturbing elements.

"So if a white guy was shot dead during a routine stop w/ a legal gun & a joint in his auto, #NRA would stay silent?"

She also replied to Rice's tweet. "You're the ones lying", she wrote earlier.

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"I am not a domestic threat!"

Loesch said that until Rice apologizes, "I don't know that she can be trusted with the security of Americans".

"Their leaders and spokespeople are depicting the United States as a country on the brink of civil war, and actively encouraging violence against political activists and the free press", Lamb said.

The NRA came under heavy criticism in the aftermath of the shooting because some saw the group as not living up to its obligation to defend legal gun owners. Other Twitter users said Rice was the threat, not Loesch, and that Rice was being "reckless".

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Kathleen Rice, a Democrat representing Long Island, has been doing battle with an NRA spokeswoman on Twitter over the organization's blatant hypocrisy over the group's silence on the Philando Castille case. She previously served as the organization's special adviser on women's policy issues.

Backlash swift after Democratic congresswoman calls the NRA a security threat