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Usher Hooked Up with Accuser at Days Inn Hotel Staffer Claims

12 August 2017

Will the musician have to pay up?

Sources connected with Sharpton confirmed that she stayed at the Days Inn the night of the show and also said that is where she and Usher allegedly had sex.

She was at the concert in question, she was at one point, backstage taking a picture with August Alsina, who opened the show, she was clearly celebrating her birthday, as she stated before, and now a hotel staff person says she spotted both Sharpton and Usher at the hotel together.

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Sharpton tested negative for the herpes, but said she feels "violated" by Usher.

Notice she's wearing a birthday tiara.

The unnamed female staffer told TMZ that Sharpton came down to the lobby and greeted the OMG artist before bringing him up to her room.

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The Atlantic City Days Inn was less than a mile away from Usher's concert venue.

Sharpton alleges one of Usher's team took her phone number, and they later arranged to meet at her hotel and had sexual relations, but that he never mentioned if he had herpes. She eventually took him to her room. She says that he never made his way down to get the picture. The staffer even detailed the moment the singer came in to see Sharpton, specifying the moment she knew he allegedly had sex with her. The 21-year-old held a press conference with celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom and accused the R&B singer of failing to disclose his alleged herpes infection.

"In California, he's still liable because if he was positive, and if he had sex with her without revealing it, he's still liable for exposing her, which is a violation of her rights."
Usher's reps, however, stand by their stance that he did not have sex with her because she "wasn't his type".

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Usher Hooked Up with Accuser at Days Inn Hotel Staffer Claims