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Rubio defends Trump's promise of 'fire and fury'

12 August 2017

He added that he doesn't think North Korea poses an "imminent threat". When we ran out of urban targets, we destroyed every hydroelectric and irrigation dam, flooding farmland and ruining crops.

The call came after Trump unleashed a slew of fresh threats against North Korea on Friday, declaring the USA military "locked and loaded" and warning North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that he "will regret it fast" if he takes any action against US territories or allies. The ignorance of every single public figure regarding these facts is more risky than anything President Tweety may say. Trump is issuing a new warning over the North's development of nuclear weapons. China is the North's biggest economic partner and source of aid, but says it alone can't compel Pyongyang to end its nuclear and missile programs.

But restraint was not the word of the day on Friday as Trump sent out a cascade of unscripted statements, including what appeared to be another red line - the mere utterance of threats - that would trigger a USA attack against North Korea and "big, big trouble" for Kim.

"We respectfully but firmly urge you to do everything in your power to ensure that President Trump and other administration officials understand the importance of speaking and acting with the utmost caution and restraint on this delicate issue", the letter said. "While force remains on the table, this path where the global community increases pressure on North Korea must be tried first", said Soderberg.

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The U.S. military is rounding up immigrants?

"President Donald Trump's matching rhetoric with an erratic, unstable dictator like North Korea's Kim Jong Un is extremely unsafe and recklessly escalates this grave situation", she said on Wednesday.

While Washington's next steps are not clear, it looks increasingly likely that the two-decade United States policy of "strategic patience" towards Pyongyang may now be over.

On Wednesday, the North Korean defense ministry dismissed Trump's comments as "a load of nonsense", coming from a "guy bereft of reason".

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If the missiles were actually launched at Guam - North Korean officials hope to drop them about 40 kilometers offshore - it would be the first time North Korean missiles landed so close to an American territory, and it would force the US military to decide if it would attempt to shoot them down.

The tough talk capped a week in which long-standing tensions between the countries risked abruptly boiling over.

Trump-world appears to be splitting. See the millions of cars they sell in the U.S.?

"We do not seek to be a threat to them, but we have to respond to the serious threats that they make towards us", Tillerson said.

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"The people of our country are safe, our allies are safe", Trump said.

Rubio defends Trump's promise of 'fire and fury'