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Photo of purported Walmart gun display roils social media

12 August 2017

The spokesman, however, confirmed to the Times that the image did show a Walmart store with a sign consistent with the back-to-school advertising that the company has been using for the upcoming school season. But the Post later spoke with the woman behind the initial photograph, who confirmed to the publication that the picture was taken at the IN store. The Evansville store has been ruled out as Walmart continues to search for where the photo was taken.

'We regret this situation and are looking into how it could have happened, ' the spokesperson added.

This morning, Walmart issued a statement and apologized for the display saying it was a "truly terrible". Photos of it spread like wildfire on social media. "... People don't seem to honestly care".

May told the paper she alerted store employees, but they couldn't locate a store manager.

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One Twitter user had a simple question for Walmart, the largest retailer of firearms and ammunition in the United States: "What are you suggesting?"

Though the tweet from @OMGItsBirdman was the one that got the most traction on Twitter (as of this writing, it has about 27,000 retweets and 52,000 likes), Walmart told the Washington Post it's still trying to find who posted the original photo.

'Is this real? Literally...

'Seriously? I have no words...' read another.

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A picture reportedly taken at a Walmart store is turning heads on social media. 'This was awful and we removed the sign as soon as we found out'.

According to The New York Times, images of the display began circulating on social media before Walmart addressed the situation. Thanks again for alerting us to this'.

The retailer also drew fire a year ago before September 11 when a store in Panama City Beach, Florida used Coca-Cola products to build two towers signifying the World Trade Center. A banner reading "We will never forget" hung above it.

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Photo of purported Walmart gun display roils social media