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How three recent launches signaled new leaps in North Korea's missile capabilities

12 August 2017

I had meant to write that the one thing we don't have to worry about is a first strike by the United States. Authors expressed deep concern over threats of war, and named the President of the United States as an unhelpful force.

North Korea regularly promises to reduce Japan to "debris" in state-sponsored news broadcasts but these sabre-rattling claims have escalated wildly in recent days.

President Donald Trump yesterday showed he was not backing down on threats against North Korea, saying he hoped the country's leaders "are going to fully understand the gravity" of potential conflict with the United States.

Indeed, just this morning Russian Federation and China floated again the idea of trying to broker some sort of dialogue between the USA and North Korea.

Trump said it was time that somebody stood up to the pariah nation.

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Thus, Beijing, Moscow, and Pyongyang plan to win the New Cold War in the Pacific without firing a shot.

Beijing on Friday pleaded with the U.S. and North Korea for restraint, urging the two parties "to be cautious with their words and actions".

Why should allies remain our allies if the a helpless giant? Japan and South Korea may choose to realign with China and Russian Federation for security.

In turn, Tong Zhao, a fellow in Carnegie's Nuclear Policy Program based at the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy, said that North Korea will not engage in an open military confrontation. Aside from whatever preparations North Korea is making (or is not) to carry out its threat against Guam by mid-month, no other DPRK military action has been reported. Trump said that the USA was considering further economic penalties against Pyongyang that would be "as strong as they get", though he offered no specifics.

If I'm wrong, and this isn't just a bluff, then amid the devastation we will be left to contemplate how we went from leak to tweet to war. "We don't know what it seems like to the North Koreans".

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If the USA learns to live with a nuclear-armed North Korea, will we also learn to live with a nuclear-armed Iran? With Russia conquering the Baltic states and the other territories of the former USSR?

Dujarric says Guterres welcomed the UN Security Council's adoption at the weekend of a resolution imposing new sanctions on North Korea, including banning any coal, iron lead and seafood exports, and is urging all UN member states to implement it.

It is in the joint interests of China and the United States to maintain peace on the Korean peninsula and to achieve its de-nuclearization, Xi said, it added.

"They already have lived with the threats, whereas Americans are not living with the threats now but may face it imminently", Snyder said. In fact, North Korea's weapons are in many ways more closely related to the nuclear weapons dropped by America at the end of World War II than they are to modern nuclear warheads. His White House staff has recently been in turmoil and his own cabinet has been contradicting him on certain aspects of his North Korean rhetoric.

Immediately, move more THAAD interceptors to South Korea, more Aegis anti-missile ships around North Korea and in the Gulf of Mexico, strengthening USA missile defenses. In months, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers could EMP harden numerous most important nodes in the electric grid and other critical infrastructures.

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The biggest inhibitor to any attack right now is that the North Korean military may still lack certain technological capabilities, which experts believe would, for the time being, keep the country from following through on some of its more specific and extreme threats.

How three recent launches signaled new leaps in North Korea's missile capabilities