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Georgia Official Calls For Criminal Investigation Into R. Kelly's Alleged Sex 'Cult'

12 August 2017

New information learned and uncovered by law enforcement has severely raised the level of concern in the allegations of recording artist R. Kelly sexually exploiting and holding young girls and women against their will at his home in Johns Creek and elsewhere.

"A detailed local investigation by the Johns Creek Police Department has provided key information that we believe is enough evidence that gives the Fulton County District Attorney's Office all it needs to advance a criminal investigation of the well-known allegations", Eaves said in a statement Friday.

Eaves said he has not seen the contents of the investigative report, but said he's confident that prosecutors will have ample evidence to launch a full investigation.

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The Fulton County District Attorney's Office says it's evaluating an "informational file" involving Kelly from the police department but is not actively investigating. Eaves received a police report from the metro Atlanta area city of Johns Creek.

"We are in the process of evaluating the file".

Kelly "unequivocally denied" the allegations in a statement via his lawyer, who vowed to "work diligently and forcibly to pursue his accusers and clear his name". "Once the evaluation is complete, we will take the appropriate action". "We let them know what was going on due to the high profile nature of the incident and figured they would be getting calls about it".

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Several of Kelly's tour dates have been canceled following the bombshell report, and the Fulton County Board of Commissioners has already requested that Live Nation cancel one show scheduled August 25 in the area.

In his statement, Kelly called it "unlawful" for the government to interfere with citizens legally conducting business, and said public servants "should not target individual citizens for their own politically motivated purposes".

The allegations center around a former Memphis resident.

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Parents of one of the women, Jocelyn Savage, have spoken publicly against Kelly several times, claiming that she is being held against her will and declines contact with the family. Savage also released a video in which she claimed she is "fine", but refused to disclose her location or whether she is free to leave.

Georgia Official Calls For Criminal Investigation Into R. Kelly's Alleged Sex 'Cult'