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Crazy Theory Suggests That Earth Might Get Hit By Planet Nibiru Soon

12 August 2017

The identical thing was stated in 2012 by various theories. Will the world end in September 2017?

However, these doomsday predictions have never actually materialised. Many people have prophesied the end of the world.

Nibiru ideated by Nancy Lieder in 1955 described the Nibiru cataclysm a disastrous encounter between the Earth and a large planetary object. The Nibiru Conspiracy Theory has been actively talked about since 1976 when writer Zecharia Sitchin claimed that two ancient Middle Eastern cultures - the Babylonians and Sumerians - mentioned about Nibiru which orbited the Sun every 3,600 years.

There have been predictions since 2003 that Nibiru would soon end the world. However, the idea is not accepted or supported by NASA scientist Dr. John Carlson.

Even though there's a severe lack of evidence behind the sensational claims - with even Nasa labelling it as an "internet hoax" - many people are still adamant it is real. "There is no factual basis for these claims". Nibiru is different from the so-called Planet Nine which was proposed by a team of astronomers in Caltech, back in January a year ago. Obviously, it does not exist.

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As believed, the planet has been transmitting the plasmatic energy particle' all through our astral system, and the stream of the energy particle's force will interrupt Earth's "core flows" and eventually will trigger catastrophic alterations in the climate and atmosphere of earth.

For any claims of disaster or dramatic changes in 2012, where is the science?

There were many theories about the world, how it came into being, when would it end and what would happen next. But since NASA confirmed the existence of a hypothetical new Planet X deep in space in the solar system, the conspiracy theory behind this doomsday event has gained momentum.

As warned by Christian numerologist David Meade, the likelihood that the mysterious and puzzling planet "Nibiru" to crash into Earth next month is high and this month's solar eclipse will be the indication of the judgment day of earth.

The very rare Total Solar Eclipse taking place on August 21 has generated a lot of excitement among the sky gazers as it is taking place again after 1918. During this period, Moon will get ahead of the sun, in front of it, which will cast a complete darkness across bandages of the Earth's surface. Meade elaborated by saying, "When the eclipse begins on August 21, the sunrise will be dark, just as Isaiah predicts". He said: "The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017, is a major - huge - harbinger".

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David Meade, who has authored the book with the intriguing title of Planet X-The 2017 Arrival, says that Nibiru, the so-called Planet X, will crash into Earth on September 23, 2017.

"Now, I don't know about that", he adds, before spending a few minutes discussing faux research about Planet X. Still, Meade believes he is right after having stumbled upon some passages from The Bible and has justified his claims.

The conspiracy theorist states this particular passage is connected to the phenomena he termed "33 Convergence".

Firstly, he pointed to Chapter 13 of the Old Testament Book of Isaiah, which said: 'See, the Day of the Lord is coming - a cruel day, with wrath and fierce anger - to make the land desolate and destroy the sinners within it.

"The Stars of Heaven and their constellations will not show their light".

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'The rising sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light'.

Crazy Theory Suggests That Earth Might Get Hit By Planet Nibiru Soon