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Attack 'could be threat to the survival of Japan'

12 August 2017

The Japanese government said the action was taken to prepare for the possibility that, should North Korea fire the missiles, they fail as they cross over Japan.

The President's comments on missile defense echoed one of the sharpest criticisms that congressional Republicans have had of the Trump administration's Pentagon budget request.

The Patriot Advanced Capability-3 missile interceptors were deployed in Shimane, Hiroshima and Kochi prefectures, which North Korea said its missiles could cross over, as well as Ehime which is located between Hiroshima and Kochi. It is based in Alaska and California, and is not in a position to stop a missile flying that far south over the Pacific.

Despite North Korea's threat against Guam this week, she says folks are keeping their cool. "Strategically, it's a ideal spot".

"I'm constantly watching to see what the updates are", she said. "Can you explain that to me?"

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She pointed to a review of the nation's ballistic missile defense that is underway at the Pentagon, and said that is likely to provide "a pathway forward to further missile defense improvements". "So they still won't tell you if it works in a real-world situation".

That is Jessica Pettigrew's reaction when the topic of North Korea comes up.

Based on what the analysts know about the North Korean rocket, they estimated that in order for the missiles to reach Seattle while carrying a nuclear bomb, the payload would have to weigh 300 kilograms, and in order to reach Anchorage, the bomb would have to weigh less than 500 to 550 kilograms.

The final spending total for missile defense will have to be reconciled with the Senate appropriations committee, which has not put together its defense spending bill yet.

In a separate statement attached to the article, Postol, an expert in ballistic missile defense, stated that while existing ballistic missile defenses "will never work reliably", there is still time to develop a defense system with available US technology.

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While leaders discuss how much of a threat North Korea is, people are doing everything from showing skepticism of an attack to looking for details about how to protect themselves.

Trump suggested a report on more funding for missile defense could be coming in the next week, which Karako said could be a sign that the Pentagon completed its preliminary study from its missile defense review.

Postol is professor of science, technology and national security policy at MIT who has advised the Pentagon and Congress on missile-related defense projects.

"If one of those options is a pre-emptive war on the Korean Peninsula launched by the US, that would require authorization from Congress. Article I of the Constitution, in my view, makes this clear", Sullivan said.

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Attack 'could be threat to the survival of Japan'