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Threats of North Korea

11 August 2017

The fact sheet's title: "In Case of Emergency - Preparing for Imminent Missile Threat". The Pacific Air Forces said the B-1s then performed a pass over Pilsung Range, then returned to Guam. "So, for instance, on the [intercontinental ballistic missiles] ICBMs", North Korea "has fired two, the U.S. has fired three".

Zhao Liang, a 35-year-old bank teller from Beijing, said she won't be cutting short her vacation over North Korea's latest missile threats.

Similar threats in 2013 led Guam's U.S. Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo to advocate for the THAAD system, she said in a statement Wednesday.

Calvo said Wednesday that "there is no change in the threat level resulting from North Korea events" and that "there are several levels of defense, all strategically placed to protect our island and our nation".

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The church is an influential force on the island, where the vast majority of residents are Catholic, and the Archdiocese of Agana - the capital of Guam, also known as Hagatna - has advised residents to "look to God during these hard times when world peace is threatened". And within striking range of North Korean missiles. "We're just trying not to think about it too much". For years, North Korea has claimed Guam is within its missiles' striking distance, making furious statements each time when the US flew powerful bombers from the island's air base to the Korean Peninsula. Local public safety officials have maintained constant communication between base commanders and the governor's office, Gaminde said.

"Fallout shelters do not need to be specifically constructed for protecting against fallout", it said.

As he fishes, Martinez says North Korea remains at the back of his mind, despite his best efforts not to think about it. "They can be protected space, provided that the walls and roof are thick and dense enough (i.e. concrete) to absorb radiation given off by fallout particles".

"My momma heart couldn't take it", Gilbert said.

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To prevent radioactive material from spreading, people should remove their outer clothing, seal it in a plastic bag and get as far away as possible, the fact sheet says.

"When possible, take a shower with lots of soap and not scrub or scratch the skin". Blow your nose, and wipe out your ears and eyelids, it says.

Like other Guam residents, Sokala has been inundated with text messages from friends on the "mainland" - islanders' term for the continental United States - asking how she was doing.

"If anything happens, we all got to be ready, be prepared, and pray to God that it doesn't happen", Daisy Mendiola, 56, said after finishing lunch with her family at a restaurant near Hagatna.

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Threats of North Korea