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Sonic Mania PC Version Delayed by Two Weeks

11 August 2017

Sonic Mania is a brand new Sonic the hedgehog title that takes the classic Sonic experience and adds new elements and exciting surprises.

While console owners can expect to try out Sonic Mania for themselves on August 15, it appears as though PC players will have to wait just a little bit longer. Sonic and his two original super friends run, jump and fly through a colorful fantasy world, having themselves a hell of a time.

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The most unfortunate part of this announcement is just how close it comes to the release date of Sonic Mania on the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Although there were several attempts to shut down the rogue hacker, we can regretfully confirm that most of the game has now been leaked as screenshots and video footage. The offer will be available to those who pre-ordered either the Standard or the Collector's Editions. At the same time, the game is being delayed for a good reason.

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In other Sonic Mania news, Sega has unveiled the opening animation to the game, which beautifully captures the zany, impressionistic pizazz of the early 90s. We're always hearing about how buggy games are at launch these days.

Not only do we get a look at a few badnik designs and the wireframe model used for Sonic, but we also learn that Amy Rose was planned to be playable. Sonic Mania is heavily inspired by Sonic CD, and this animated intro is no different in that regard. Everything about it is fantastic.

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Sonic Mania PC Version Delayed by Two Weeks