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Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

11 August 2017

Here are a few do's and don'ts of how to view the solar eclipse on the day.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Sun, moon and Earth line up and the moon's shadow falls on earth as it covers the Sun. Texoma will not see a full eclipse. Do not look through them unless they have a solar filter of their own installed.

On May 20, 2012, a portion of the western United States experienced an annular solar eclipse. It casts what is known as the 'path of totality.' It's about 100 km wide, so people along this path will get to witness the rare sight: a total eclipse of the sun. Be sure to check exact times of totality if you're lucky enough to be in the path. A solar eclipse is, in the simplest terms, when the moon's orbit places it in front of the sun and blocks most of the light. He said the last total solar eclipse that occurred in part of the lower 48 was on February 26, 1979, where it totaled over Washington, Montana and part of North Dakota. There will be several others throughout the 21st century, though none are projected to put Bakersfield in the path of totality. The eclipse will peak in Hartland around 2:20pm. The total eclipse will end near Charleston at 2:48 p.m. ET.

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The Hartland Cromaine District Library is holding an Eclipse Party on the afternoon of the event which falls on Monday, August 21st. Even one second of looking directly at a small portion of the actual Sun without protection can permanently destroy your vision. But, those eclipse glasses are flying off the shelves.

"There is an ISO standard that is regulated for viewing the sun".

A CSD spokesman said the district considered an early dismissal but decided it was not the proper course of action because it may place more children around distracted drivers.

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Now, you'll be hard pressed to find a pair of glasses anywhere in the city, even if you want to buy. For those who wear regular eyeglasses, eclipse glasses can be worn over them.

Lately, there has been some confusion as to when the United States last experienced a total solar eclipse.

Comcast is hosting an event the day of the eclipse where attendees will get protective glasses. The events will feature information about the phenomenon and astronomical-themed refreshments. Members will set up solar telescopes for viewing and offer informational sessions on safe viewing and background on the eclipse.

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