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Mother sues Portland hospital after she accidentally smothered her baby

11 August 2017

The Thompsons struggled with infertility for 12 years before they became pregnant with Jacob in 2012 - prompting the parents to call him their miracle baby.

According to Oregon Live, Monica Thompon is suing Portland Adventist Medical Center for $8.6 million after she was left unsupervised and ended up killing her 4-day-old son Jacob.

A new mother has filed an $8.6 million lawsuit against an OR hospital after she accidentally smothered her 4-day-old baby in a hospital bed.

Four days earlier, on August 2, 2012, the then 42 year old Thompson had given birth to a healthy boy via C-section, with the boy taken to a nursery three days later so his mother could recover.

A distraught Thompson woke up with Jacob lying unresponsive in her arms. The lawsuit says no nurse immediately came to help; so, Thompson carried her son into the hallway, where she got the attention of a nurse.

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The baby was transferred to Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland and put on life support.

A new mother is suing the hospital after she accidentally smothered her newborn. The nurse allegedly left mother and son unattended, even though Ms. Thompson was medicated on narcotic painkillers and sleep aids.

"She poked him and talked to him with no reaction", reads the lawsuit.

The first-time mom called for a nurse to help her, but no one came to her aid, the legal filing also claims. "His pulse was weak or absent". Jacob had suffered brain damage due to lack of oxygen and his parents had to turn off his life support because he was in an irreversible comatose state. "My firstborn and only son".

"I am sharing our story in the hopes that no mother or family will ever have to suffer through a preventable tragedy such as this". What happened to us could've easily been prevented had the nurses been doing their job'.

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Ms Thompson claims the hospital has "directly caused her severe emotional distress, severe depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety and prolonged grief disorder".

"This was a tragic event and our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the family", Portland Adventist Medical Center tells PEOPLE in a statement.

"Adventist Medical Center is committed to providing quality, compassionate care to all of our patients", she said in a statement.

Thompson has accused staff of negligence for giving the baby to her to breastfeed when she was under the influence of such strong pain medication and for also leaving her alone with him when she was in such a drowsy state.

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Mother sues Portland hospital after she accidentally smothered her baby