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'Knights of the Frozen Throne' 'Hearthstone' Expansion is Live!

11 August 2017

Knights of the Frozen Throne is available now for Windows® and Mac® PCs; Windows, iOS, and Android™ tablets; and iOS and Android phones.

Knights of the Frozen Throne expansions brings its Death Knights to the game today, and you can see the last card reveals right here.

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Only the bravest heroes dare venture to the freezing reaches of the evil Lich King's forbidding fortress, Icecrown Citadel. The expansion is live in the Americas (and coming soon in the rest of the world), so go enjoy the chill. The return of the Lich King. That quest ended with a big confrontation with The Lich King.

Since I'm particularly keen on the Death Knight cards, which offer some fantastic-looking late game control options for nearly every class and almost all look to be quality cards, I made a decision to open my packs before going into the Adventure. And you are guaranteed to get a Frozen Throne Legendary within the first 10 packs of the new sets.

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Like the above-mentioned "Warcraft" references, the Frostmourne was first introduced by Blizzard as a runeblade attached to the Frozen Throne and intended for whoever assumes the identity of the Lich King.

The expansion is free to play, but access to the new cards comes in the form of booster packs which you can either try to earn by playing games, or spending real-life money to purchase them directly. Finally, this expansion launches with a single-player "Adventure" mode that's free to play, and rewards you with a free Death Knight Legendary card (1 of 9 available) once you beat it.

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'Knights of the Frozen Throne' 'Hearthstone' Expansion is Live!