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Airline worker tracks down cancer patient's bag, delivers it

11 August 2017

A SOUTHWEST Airlines employee has been called a guardian angel after her ultimate gesture to a sick passenger.

Rowan, 27, had answered a customer call from a panicked Hurt, who had just flown from Nashville to Pittsburgh on a Southwest flight, according to an ABC News story this week. Hurt was anxious because her luggage had not yet arrived, and Rowan explained that the bags were loaded on a previous flight she had booked which had been rerouted and canceled. "Sarah embodied their corporate culture and carried that even a step further with what she did to help and encourage me", she said. "I said, 'I need that luggage". "So in my head, me getting home a little bit later was less important than her getting the bag she needed for her chemotherapy treatment".

Stacy has brought a rosary and a shirt that says, "Where there is no struggle, there is no strength", to every appointment, and those items along with medication to help with the side effects from the chemo were in her checked bag.

Stacy Hurt, 46, took to Facebook to thank a Southwest Airlines employee for going the extra mile in finding her lost luggage.

As Rowan listened to Hurt, she was reminded of someone dear to her - her father, Frank Rowan, who died six years ago from complications with Hodgkin's lymphoma and leukemia, which he lived with for two decades.

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'She was just as sweet as can be, ' Rowan added. "Things that are out of their control can be frustrating for people, but for someone who is going through so much to be so patient and kind towards us, I appreciated it so much". However, when the bag finally arrived at the airport late that evening there was another problem: All of the couriers used by the airline to deliver bags were gone for the night.

Rowan also knew that if Hurt's luggage did not arrive before 1:30 a.m., it would miss the last courier and likely not reach Hurt until hours after her 9 a.m. chemotherapy appointment.

A woman with Stage 4 colon cancer has praised an airline worker who delivered her lost luggage to her the night before she was due to undergo chemotherapy.

So she put the bag in her auto and drove it to Hurt's home at 3 a.m., leaving it on her doorstep.

She told ABC News: "I sort of panicked".

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The next morning Hurt found the luggage on her porch.

'I was like, "Oh my God".

'For her to pick up on what a hard situation this is and put my mind at ease and make me feel comfortable and to go through what she went through to get my luggage to me, she is an wonderful person'.

When Stacy called the airline about her bag, she spoke to an employee named Sarah and got emotional as she explained that she had a chemotherapy appointment in the morning.

For good measure, Southwest also reportedly sent Hurt a "swag bag" with a phone charger, earbuds and other travel-related goodies.

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Sharing the story of Rowan's act of kindness was something Hurt felt compelled to do: Doing so may show her fellow cancer warriors that there are good people like Rowan who have their backs. But when you're battling stage four colon cancer, this mix-up has the potential to be more than just an annoyance.

Airline worker tracks down cancer patient's bag, delivers it