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Game of Thrones Episode 5 Photos Promise Tough Times for Tyrion

10 August 2017

If you've seen the latest episode of Game of Thrones, chances are, you still haven't gotten over its final few minutes, which delivered what is arguably the greatest battle scene in the show's bloody history, the now-famous "Loot Train Attack". As a Lannister himself, he seemed pretty conflicted last episode as he watched Lannisters get roasted and Jaime bumble around the battlefield.

Aaron Rodgers makes a ton of money and is one of the best quarterbacks on the planet. Some of the stunt actors also talk about how to deal with being immolated - you have to hold your breath, and you have to remain as calm as possible, given the fear factor being on fire induces.

In addition to the promo for Season 7, episode 5, HBO has released eight new photos for "Eastwatch", which can be viewed below.

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Thankfully, something caused Martin to change his plans for these characters, who are intertwined in different-but much more palatable-ways in the final books and on the show. How many, you ask?

We've seen some huge battles take place on the show - just previous year, we witnessed the epic Battle of the Bastards, between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton. "Three dragons, three riders, three siblings".

Things are heating up in Westeros, and that's only partly because Daenerys made a decision to turn the Lannister army into toast over at Highgarden.

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Twitter is known for its witty commentary during episode airings, but Drogon's fiery domination of the enemy left social media users letting GIFs and one-word posts in response to the epic scene.

"And then Tyrion, we don't know who his mother is, who Tywin (Lannister) slept with. I think in "Saving Private Ryan" they had 13 on a beach, and on "Braveheart" they had 18 partial burns". "It was a insane battle and we finally got to see the dragons in Westeros taking on the Lannisters".

First, the original theory claims Rhaegar Targaryen is Jon Snow's father, not Aerys, aka "The Mad King". Especially if she finds out that he was the one responsible for her father's death?

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Game of Thrones Episode 5 Photos Promise Tough Times for Tyrion