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Jodie Whittaker Breaks Silence On 'Doctor Who' Casting

07 August 2017

After a run of men playing the lead character in Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker was last month announced as the first woman to play The Doctor.

"I didn't faint - I played it really cool, and cried", Jodie revealed before adding, "It was incredibly emotional because my entire a child all I wanted to be was an actor and I wanted to do it because I wanted to play pretend and that is the ultimate - I'm about to play an alien, a Time Lord".

"I've been asked so many times, 'What's your dream part?' and I always try and articulate something that's outside of what people have told me can and only play - now it's like, 'See!" I haven't even done anything yet, and the fans are the most, kind of, creative and enthusiastic people, and it's so exciting to be part of it'.

Jodie Whittaker has talked about her reaction to being cast as the thirteenth Doctor.

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Speaking to BBC Radio 6 Music's Shaun Keaveny, Jodie revealed that she was a tad emotional when she got the job.

Though filming has yet to begin on the new series, the actress is optimistic about what she'll bring to the role - besides being female.

The actress admitted that as she does not use social media she had largely missed out on the frenzy that greeted her casting.

She said: "I already know Chris Chibnall, so I know how unbelievable he is". "He's come from the fan point of view, so the direction he's going to take it in is going to be unbelievable", she said.

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The best thing about this part is that every script will be brand new and something that I can genuinely say I've never done this before. So if I get sent something, it's a mate screen-grabbing something. And they obviously edit! But there's an fantastic video of a young girl watching [the announcement] and finding out that it's being played by a girl.

Seeing things like that are really exciting.

"If I feel any doubts, it's the loss of a role model for boys, who I think Doctor Who is vitally important for".

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Jodie Whittaker Breaks Silence On 'Doctor Who' Casting