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Samsung may bring Samsung Pay to other high-end phones

28 July 2017

We've already heard that Samsung plans on bringing Pay Mini to Android devices made by its competitors, as well as iOS, and today a new report says the company wants its payments service to be ubiquitous.

Apple Pay & the US Wallet Opportunity The research found that Apple Pay, and the alternative wallets that have followed in its wake, are set to establish themselves as the primary contactless mechanisms of choice in the US.

What is Samsung Pay, how does it work and how do you use it though? Currently, by comparing with its rival services by Google and Apple namely Android Pay and Apple Pay, the Samsung Pay is based on Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) protocol which just needs an MST based processor.

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What do you think of Samsung Pay and do you use it on your Samsung smartphone? It will enable the users to use their Payment system without any physical credit/debit/shopping cards, even in NFC unsupported PoS (Point of Sale) machines.

As it stands, only a handful of Samsung handsets support Samsung Pay, with some mid-range offerings in India only coming with a pared-down version of the feature called Samsung Pay Mini.

On paper, there's no denying that Samsung Pay has a lot to offer but with less supported banks than Apple Pay or Android Pay, there's still parts of the service that the Korean OEM needs to improve before it can become truly mainstream. Now, the reports claim that the company is definitely moving towards the other non-Samsung smartphones with Samsung Pay.

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Well, the NFC tap-and-pay on Samsung Pay will work seamlessly on other flagship devices, but we are not so sure about the MST technology that is not usually present on other non-Samsung phones. Samsung did not comment on Gadgets 360's queries.

One way Samsung is trying to make this easier, according to the source, is by investigating the feasibility of an accessory, similar to LoopPay Card, that could attach to other phones. As a part of, the company is now working on to bring the service to their entry-level and mid-range smartphones.

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Samsung may bring Samsung Pay to other high-end phones