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Hurricane Hilary (seriously) has just formed off the U.S. coast

26 July 2017

Two storms gaining strength in the eastern Pacific Ocean are on a collision course that could see them merge into one massive storm.

Hurricane Hilary is centered near 14.5 N latitude and 104.9 W longitude as of 11 a.m. Monday, July 24, moving WNW at 8 miles per hour. Ever since, it has steadily intensified. Officials from the National Hurricane Center believe Hilary will likely be the storm that survives the interaction, but the volatile situation is hard to predict. Maximum sustained winds have increased to 63 miles per hour with gusts to 74 miles per hour. Storms rated 3 or higher are considered "major".

Hilary is about 460 miles south of the southern tip of Baja California.

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WeatherBell meteorologist Ryan Maue wryly tweeted that "Hurricane Hilary on clear path west to victory. then comes Hurricane Irwin with "Fidget Spinner" and wreck".

Amazingly, two western Pacific storms, Typhoon Noru and Tropical Storm Kulap, are also locked into the Fujiwhara dance pattern this week, Weather Underground said.

There's something eerily familiar about a storm named "Hilary" that - after seemingly moving successfully and confidently in one direction - gets disrupted by the spin from another whirling system, eventually losing out to it. Don only briefly attained minimal tropical storm status, before it was sheared apart by hostile winds and choked by Saharan dust in the eastern Caribbean.

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Twirling around at over 120km/h in the Pacific Ocean, Hurricane Hilary doesn't pose any threat to the White House, or any other land for that matter.

The last time Don and Hilary both featured in the news (that is, weather news) was 2011.

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Hurricane Hilary (seriously) has just formed off the U.S. coast