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U.S. Music Mid-Year Report 2017

20 July 2017

You can see some of the Nielsen report here, and let's all raise our invisible glasses to celebrate hip-hop's big victory. According to a new report put out by Nielsen, the company charged with tracking the numbers in the music industry, the most dominant genre of music in the United States a year ago, for the first time ever, was hip-hop. Pop was third, and country was the fourth most popular genre.

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The NIELSEN report NOTED THAT R&B and Hip-Hop are now gathering 25.1% of all music consumption in the USA, while Rock claims 23%.

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It's not a shocking result, and it's a little surprising that rock was still the #1 earner at this point, considering the saturation of hip hop, pop and R&B artists in the US and across the globe - for instance, Kendrick Lamar's DAMN. is now the most popular album, and Ed Sheeran is of course holding down the singles crown with the all-conquering "Shape of You". Rock still leads in album sales but streaming has become the premier platform for hip-hop and R&B.

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Hip hop and it don't stop. "Hip-hop and R&B have always been at the forefront of culture but right now, I think it's a special circumstance where its dominating". The change in rank is most likely attributed to streaming services, which have reportedly played a huge factor in securing sales, according to Forbes. The genre is as popular as rock and pop combined on Spotify and Apple Music. Hip-hop and R&B make up 30 percent of all streaming, rock is down to 18 percent streaming. Other heavyweights include Drake, who's album "More Life" broke a record for audio on demand streams in one week.

U.S. Music Mid-Year Report 2017