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Trump's approval stands at 50% in the counties that fueled his win

17 July 2017

Approximately so low approval ratings (39%) after six months of his tenure was President Gerald Ford in February 1975.

President Donald Trump's six-month approval rating is the lowest of any president in the past 70 years. The approval rating poll held by Gallup revealed Trump's approval rating at just 36% which already showed a 6% decline since the last approval rating poll at Trump's 100 days in the office.

- 27 percent think "America's leadership in the world has gotten stronger" under Trump.

A June 2016 meeting revealed last week between Trump's eldest son, top aides and several Russians in an apparent bid to acquire negative information about Democrat Hillary Clinton was viewed by more than 60 percent as inappropriate, even as almost half of Republicans viewed the meeting as appropriate.

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The ABC-Post poll finds about 60 percent of Americans said they believe Russian Federation tried to meddle in the 2016 USA presidential election, while about 44 percent think Trump benefited from those attempts.

"Almost 40 percent is not bad at this time", he tweeted.

Needless to say the poll was highly partisan, with 90% of Republicans asked approving of his performance compared to 5% of Democrats.

44 percent approve of Trump's job performance. A total of 63 percent of respondents said the meeting was inappropriate, while just 26 percent said it was appropriate.

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Thirty-eight per cent of those surveyed believe Trump is making significant progress towards his goals, while 55% feel he is not.

Just 37 percent said that the Democratic Party "stands for something" while more than half - 52 percent - said it is merely standing in opposition to Trump.

Trump's 58 percent disapproval rating is also an all-time high - and a full seven points higher than the second-highest disapproval rating after six months in office (Bill Clinton in 1993).

The public has grown more skeptical that Trump will deliver on some of his most ambitious campaign promises. While 50 percent of Americans say they prefer Obamacare, only 24 percent favor the Republican plan. The President himself claims he needs a way to "get the honest and unfiltered message out", and insists his social media use is not presidential, but "MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL".

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Pollsters surveyed 1,001 Americans by phone from July 10-13.

Trump's approval stands at 50% in the counties that fueled his win