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Skydiver texts wife to say he won't pull cord when jumping

17 July 2017

Her warning - a desperate plea to save her husband's life - came seconds too late. Richard immediately contacted the pilot of the plane via radio, only to be told that Vitantonio had already jumped from the aircraft.

Capotorto Vitantonio, 27, never deployed his parachute after jumping from 13,500 feet above DeLand, Florida, on Tuesday, after going up in the flight of the day, according to a police report obtained by the Orlando Sentinel.

Litellini had just received a video from him, saying he was "not going to pull the cord and that he was going somewhere wonderful", police said.

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A subsequent police report noted Capotorto, an experienced sky diver with 600 jumps, didn't open his parachute.

A spokesman for Skydive DeLand told the Washington Post that they offer their deepest sympathy to Vitantonio's family and friends. Vitantonio Facebook page was full of photos of himself skydiving with someone else strapped to his back during a tandem dive or accompanied only by a GoPro camera and the curvature of Earth.

Mike Johnston, the general manager, told The News-Journal that Zitellini's message came just "moments" after he jumped.

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At the time of the husband's death, Capotorto and Costansa worked for United Parachute Technologies, a local company that makes containers for parachutes.

The United States Parachute Association recorded 3.2 million parachute jumps a year ago, 16 of which were fatal.

The United States Parachute Association, of which Skydive Deland is a member, reported 21 fatalities related to skydiving in 2016 out of 3.2 million estimated jumps by its members.

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Skydiver texts wife to say he won't pull cord when jumping