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Game of Thrones season 7: Sophie Turner warns Sansa will be 'unlikeable'

17 July 2017

LONDON-Sophie Turner is "terrified" of "Game of Thrones" coming to an end as she doesn't know what she'll do with herself. "It gets past sibling squabbling, it gets into two people power struggling".

Discussing her storyline with Access Hollywood, Sophie said: "The past seven seasons have seen her adapting to these situations while being a prisoner while being a victim and a captive". Which is what makes the IMDb records on Sansa's Season 7 appearance in the show a touch concerning. "This season, it's really interesting", she said. Before, she was a victim in many ways. "So she's nearly more vulnerable now than she ever was".

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Sophie's character, Sansa Stark, plays a pivotal role in the popular American television series.

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And the beauty admits she often has fans of the show come up to her on the street and greet her as her character, but insists it can be "quite jarring" for them as she's nothing like Sansa in real life. "True born daughter of Ned and Catelyn Stark, born here at Winterfell or a motherless bastard born in the South?"

Other popular predictions: Tyrion (Peter Dinklage), Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen) and Jon Snow (Kit Harington), which is probably accurate but probably premature.

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But Sansa is conflicted over whether to trust him after he previously handed her over to evil Ramsay.

Game of Thrones season 7: Sophie Turner warns Sansa will be 'unlikeable'