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Cancelled $30K wedding becomes dinner for homeless

17 July 2017

Sarah Cummins and her ex-fiancé canceled their wedding after two years of planning, according to The Indianapolis Star.

American woman Sarah Cummins from IN told the Indianapolis Star she cancelled the wedding a week ago, but declined to give a reason.

With a nonrefundable contract at the venue, the Ritz Charles in Carmel, Ind., and enough gourmet food for 170 guests who would no longer be attending, Cummins chose to invite dozens of homeless people to prevent the food from going to waste. The Purdue University pharmacy student spent years saving and working overtime to pay for the $30,000 ceremony and reception. She then said she felt really sick at the thought of throwing away the food she had ordered for the reception.

She worked with Ritz Charles event planner Maddie LaDow to rearrange the reception area, and she started contacting homeless shelters in Indianapolis and Noblesville to invite residents to the reception. Cummins and her fiance called off their wedding a week ago.

But last week they called off the wedding for reasons they would rather not say.

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They went on to feast on goat cheese, bourbon-glazed meatballs, roasted garlic bruschetta, and chicken breast served with a Chardonnay cream sauce and artichokes.

'We're doing all the same stuff, just arranging the tables differently, so there's no head table for the bridal party, no cake table or gift table, ' she said.

The wedding feast will take place at the Ritz Charles in Carmel, complete with gold Eiffel Tower centerpieces and gourmet food.

And there was also, naturally, wedding cake.

But Cummins said she is not sure yet what she will do with the wedding dress.

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Afterward, she will leave for the Dominican Republic on her honeymoon by herself.

Cummins said it won't be all heartache when she looks back on her would-be wedding date.

As for Cummins, she said her canceled wedding won't only be heartache, as she will have kind of a happy memory to draw from, as she had planned on making it the ideal celebration.

"Everyone has done so much to give me the most wonderful experience and it just really sucks that they had to waste it", she told IndyStar.

Cummins' fiance approved of her plan, saying, "she was able to make a selfless and very thoughtful decision in such a hard time".

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Cancelled $30K wedding becomes dinner for homeless