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Trump to French first lady: 'You're in such good shape'

15 July 2017

The unexpected bromance between the leaders of America and France was on full display for the world Friday at the annual Bastille Day military parade and celebration in Paris.

The US leader had appeared isolated at a meeting of top countries last weekend in Germany over his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris accord.

Eight U.S. Air Force fighter jets were first invited to immediately follow the nine Alphajets of the famous "Patrouille de France" which opened the air parade.

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Mr Trump leaned in and kissed the French President's wife on the cheek, with his hand still firmly clenched with Mr Macron. A few minutes later, a joint detachment of US 145 Army and Navy troops and Marines soldiers opened the lengthy ground parade.

In their first meeting at a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in May, Mr. Macron crunched Mr. Trump's knuckles in a show of power he said was deliberate to underline how he wouldn't be intimidated in their talks. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the truck attack.

Speaking with Journal du Dimanche, Macron described his first handshake with Trump as "a moment of truth". He added the parade was "magnificent" and congratulated his French counterpart. The two are commemorating the 100th anniversary of the USA entry into World War I.

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Trump left Paris where Macron on Thursday had rolled out the red carpet for a visit hoping to improve relations and persuade the U.S. president to change his mind about withdrawing from the global Paris agreement on climate change. The iconic Champs-Elysees avenue where the parade took place was the target of two recent extremist attacks.

Fireworks were lighting up the Paris sky on Friday night near the Eiffel Tower, but they were banned in Nice. The wide boulevard has been targeted repeatedly by Islamic extremists, most recently last month when a man crashed his auto into a convoy of gendarmes.

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