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European Union (Withdrawal) Bill published

15 July 2017

"The Government should be moving without further delay to ban routine preventative farm antibiotic use, just as several other European countries have already done. It fails to guarantee crucial rights will be enforced; it omits the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and it does nothing to ensure that British standards and rights keep pace with our EU partners".

The UK paper said that the court should not be able to hear UK cases from the day after Britain left the European Union, but could still rule on cases that began before the departure date.

"On that basis, the Scottish and Welsh Governments can not recommend that legislative consent is given to the Bill as it now stands", the joint statement read. Some other pieces of European Union legislation work in the same way.

"So there's no step change, people can be confident that the law will continue to operate - but Parliament crucially will have control".

The heads of the governments in Scotland and Wales, Nicola Sturgeon and Carwyn Jones, have also threatened to block the text of which, according to them, constitutes "an attack against the founding principles of the decentralization and could destabilize their economies". Removing it has, however, given Labour an attractive rallying point for opposition to the Bill and an argument that it is more than the technocratic exercise the government claims.

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"It's not an exit bill".

The medieval powers, which give the Government the right to change the law at the stroke of a pen, are set to spark intense opposition from both MPs and peers opposed to an "extreme Brexit".

In a written statement to Parliament, Brexit Minister Joyce Anelay said on Thursday that "the United Kingdom has obligations to the European Union ... that will survive the UK's withdrawal - and these need to be resolved".

"It returns them exclusively to the UK Government and Parliament, and imposes new restrictions on the Scottish Parliament and National Assembly for Wales".

But he added that this would not alter the "risks" of a possible government led by Corbyn.

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Her comments come following a meeting with the prime minister in London today.

"We will make sure there is full parliamentary scrutiny, that has to be key to it", he said.

He also said the Tories had lost their majority in the general election because large numbers of people voted to stop a "hard Brexit" and "rejected explicitly the mandate Theresa May was demanding".

Lord Kerslake, who was the head of the civil service between 2012 and 2014, said the passage of the repeal bill would be a risky and arduous process.

The damage to the economy and livelihoods caused by a break from the 28-nation bloc is becoming clearer as divorce proceedings continue and a compromise with the European Union shouldn't be ruled out, Blair said on Saturday in an essay e-mailed by his office.

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European Union (Withdrawal) Bill published