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De Mistura: Direct Syrian Talks in Upcoming Rounds

15 July 2017

The seventh round of intra-Syria talks aimed at helping end the country's six-year-old war wrapped up Friday, and the United Nations envoy said they featured "no breakthrough, no breakdown, no one walking out, incremental progress".

When asked if he has seen any sign that the government of Assad has given any ground on a possible political transition, he said, "no, I don't have any indication".

"No breakthrough, no breakdown, no one walking out", United Nations mediator Staffan de Mistura told reporters in Geneva. "I have asked the parties to have clear substantial issues on all the 4 baskets", de Mistura said.

Answering a question by SANA's delegate on exerting pressure on the countries which are involved in supporting terrorism in Syria to stop funding it, de Mistura said "We are in touch with every single country related to Syria at the moment and we are constantly in touch with them and they are aware of those important resolutions of the Security Council on financing, arming and supporting terrorism".

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This week's talks were held as a ceasefire was in effect in southwest Syria.

De Mistura also noted progress through global diplomacy, such as a temporary truce in parts of southern Syria that was brokered by Jordan, Russia and the United States.

He warmly welcomed a call by French President Emmanuel Macron for the creation of a "contact group" that would support a political road map for Syria after its war ends. "We need to go technically into details on many subjects", de Mistura said.

According to the Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations, at the meeting with De Mistura, he spoke of recent progresses in the fight against extremists and terrorists, and stressed the need that the UN Security Council and the global community support these efforts in a decisive way.

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The sides have been meeting separately with de Mistura and his team, never speaking face-to-face.

Government delegation chief says direct meeting with opposition was not raised with his team at Geneva talks.

Ja'afari alluded to foreign backers of the main opposition, like Saudi Arabia and Turkey, as well as smaller opposition factions.

The three opposition groups have recently held technical talks, aligning their stances on the Constitution and the elections, but failing so far to agree on the transition of power.

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A senior Chinese diplomat on Friday said that the UN-led Syria peace talks in Geneva is an important step in the process for a political solution to the Syrian conflict, and the most important thing now is to maintain the peace process in a sustainable manner without disruption or stalling.

De Mistura: Direct Syrian Talks in Upcoming Rounds