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Morrison teen charged with first-degree murder in connection with slain family member

14 July 2017

Peggy's sister Brenda Cravatta posted a tribute to her sister on her Facebook page, writing, "It warms my heart to see all the love and beautiful words from all of [Peggy's] friends". These items were eventually found by police.

Anna was charged Tuesday with two counts of first-degree murder, concealment of homicidal death and arson. If convicted, she could be jailed until she is 21.

Authorities investigating the homicide of a 53-year-old woman whose body was found Saturday inside her burning house in Morrison, Illinois, have arrested her 15-year-old daughter, whom they suspect is the killer, PEOPLE confirms.

Helm has not yet been formally charged.

Both girls were taken into custody at Mary Davis Detention Home in Galesburg.

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A report from the New York Post went into detail about the horrific crime, which, according to police reports, started when Anna Schroeder waited for her mom Peggy to return home from work on Thursday. The daughter then texted her friend about what she did and included a picture of Schroeder's body when her friend said she didn't believe her, Molina said.

She stayed overnight and on Friday they moved the body from the living room to her bedroom and covered her with a bed sheet. They tried to hide the body under the carpet. While there, Anna reportedly heard that her father was coming to Morrison. Kaylene told the outlet she plans to study to become a sign language interpreter in memory of her mother, who was hearing-impaired.

The girls then went to buy more cleaning supplies, he said.

The pair made a decision to run away, and dyed their hair. Rachel, who is blonde, dyed hers red; Schroeder, who is brunette, dyed hers black.

In turn, her friend urged her to put fire at her home so as to erase any evidence that would incriminate her.

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A motive for the apparent murder is not yet known. 911 was called to report the fire, and Peggy's remains were soon discovered.

Rachel, overcome with guilt, told her mother what they had done.

Anna Schroeder was arrested at the house of her father, Daryl Schroeder, on Saturday night, and reportedly confessed her involvement in the crime, including purportedly researching beforehand on other children who killed their parents.

She said in the post: 'I don't even know if you can see me right now but if you can I just want you to know you were my best friend.

She says she will always remember how much her mom loved to garden and was always helpful to everyone, but says now she's just trying to pick up the pieces.

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Her post included two heart icons, according to the site. She was then taken to the Whiteside County Sheriff's Department for questioning at around 8:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Morrison teen charged with first-degree murder in connection with slain family member