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Chiefs will likely face Ezekiel Elliot despite rumored suspension

14 July 2017

Per reports of ESPN'S Adam Schefter, Dallas Cowboys running back sensation Ezekiel Elliot could be the recipient of a "short suspension" as he is the subject of an ongoing investigation from his 2016 domestic violence allegation.

Though this isn't indicative of what will occur, the Cowboys are reportedly "not aware" of any Ezekiel Elliott suspension coming.

But lowering his social profile will not guarantee that Elliott is shielded from punishment. From there, if the National Football League were to suspend Elliott he'd have the option of appealing the decision. She was identified as his girlfriend.

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Police cleared Elliott fairly quickly in this case, and it was reported the woman had previously threatened to ruin Elliott if he left her.

"After reviewing the totality of the evidence, the City Attorney's Office, Prosecutor Division is declining to approve criminal charges in this matter for any of the (five) alleged incidents", the City Attorney's Office wrote in a release at the time.

The Dallas Cowboys are rumored to be losing Ezekiel Elliott for the start of the 2017 National Football League season, and the team could be sent looking for help in the backfield during his absence.

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Four witnesses said they didn't see an assault take place, and the running back did not face charges due to "conflicting and inconsistent information", according to's Jean-Jacques Taylor.

"I would rather it not drag on this long", Elliott said recently. She alleged Elliott attacked her while they were in a vehicle. He visited a legal marijuana dispensary before a preseason game previous year and was caught pulling down a woman's top at a St. Patrick's Day Parade (consensually, apparently).

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Chiefs will likely face Ezekiel Elliot despite rumored suspension