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Main » Jaguar's new E-Pace SUV is coming July 13, 2017

Jaguar's new E-Pace SUV is coming July 13, 2017

13 July 2017

Instead of the usual move of driving the auto onto the stage or pulling off the sheet, Jaguar did a barrel roll in the E-Pace to hail its coming. That's why the E-Pace is about as connected as they come.

"Already from initial enquiries it looks like E-Pace be pretty strong". In an attempt to one-up the larger F-Pace's loop-the-loop reveal, the E-Pace had a rather more horizontal task - performing a barrel roll, and breaking the a record in the process - the Guinness World Record for "Furthest Barrel Roll".

All the E-Pace's engines are 2.0-litre affairs, but both the diesel and petrol variants are available with different power outputs.

The engines are paired with either a nine-speed automatic gearbox, and the 150/180PS diesel engines are available with a six-speed manual gearbox. And there's a choice of three diesel and two petrol engines. Choose the 237bhp diesel or the 296bhp petrol engine and you'll get Jag's Active Driveline setup, which allows nearly all the engine's power to be sent to the rear wheels in certain circumstance to improve handling. A system adjusting throttle, steering and transmission settings is also optional. Prices will start at $39,595 for the Core range, $48,245 for the R-Dynamic range, and $54,545 for the First Edition. A slush mode helps the E-Pace stick to the road when grip subsides due to snow, ice, and rain. Jaguar will also offer what it call All Surface Progress Control, a low-speed cruise control system that can control the car's speed when on low friction surfaces.

Jaguar's new E-Pace SUV is coming July 13, 2017
Jaguar's new E-Pace SUV is coming July 13, 2017

When the E-Pace goes on sale in early 2018, it will be available in seven flavors - three "Core" models with the 264-hp engine, three R-Dynamic models with the 296-hp engine, and a First Edition version available only for 2018 that is effectively a loaded Core model with cosmetic bits taken from the R-Dynamic range added on. All-wheel drive is standard across the lineup.

The customers, Jaguar hopes, will be younger than average and as a result the E-Pace's price is lower too, starting at £28,500.

During the testing, the engineers also drove the vehicle into a wading pool filled with water to the depth of 0.5m.

Part of an SUV's raison d'etre is its ability to accommodate luggage and passengers easily and Jaguar is promising the E-Pace will deliver in this field. Short front and rear overhangs complement a teardrop design to the side windows, another element inspired by the F-Type.

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It may be an SUV like the F-Pace but it's heavily influenced by the F-Type.

Adjustable suspension (known as Adaptive Dynamics) is available as an option, and brings with it large 21-inch alloy wheels.

But what that handle serves to do is subtly cocoon the driver, something that's much more common in sports cars than spacious SUVs.

The E-Pace has the honour of being the sole offering in Jaguar's range available with front-wheel drive, because it shares some mechanical components with the Range Rover Evoque. Both are part of Jaguar's in-house Ingenium engine family, and sport direct fuel injection, and twin-scroll and variable-geometry turbochargers.

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It will be the first Jaguar not to be produced in Britain, with it being built in Graz, Austria, by contract manufacturer Magna Steyr, as well as in Changshu, China, by JLR's joint venture there with Chery Automobil.

The E-Pace also packs a brand-new head-up display.

JAGUAR launched its new compact SUV E-Pace quite literally into the air tonight with a James Bond-style barrel roll in London's ExCel.

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Jaguar's new E-Pace SUV is coming July 13, 2017