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Snapchat adds background filters, links in stories

06 July 2017

So it is a huge update, you can download it from the respective stores of the Android and Apple stores. The update also includes new features called paperclip (which lets you attach links to your Snaps) and voice filters (so you can change up how you sound in video Snaps). Like Snapchat's existing filters, this feature will also be rotating on a daily basis to introduce new batches of Backdrops.

To access the Paperclip function, a user clicks on the paperclip icon before sending their Snap to friends or posting on their public Story and adds their link.

The paperclip tool is a similar feature that some limited Instagram publishers, business accounts with at least 10,000 users and verified accounts will be familiar with. Snapchat uses its own safety tools as well as Google's Safe Browsing service to keep its members safe from any potential phishing or malware dangers. The app even gives a preview of the website whose link is shared. Tap any of these icons to try a new voice filter. Yeah, we can definitely see that happening.

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Launch Snapchat. You can pick a lens as normal by holding a finger onscreen over your face until a white grid appears, then selecting a filter in the scrolling list to the right of the capture button. These after-Snap effects allow users to change their voice to sound like a chipmunk, robot, or other creature. Storytelling gets new life with the voice filter option available in the speaker icon at the bottom of users' phone screens.

The update, which rolls out today, is a long-awaited signal that marketers may now be able to profit off of Snapchat in a measurable and meaningful capacity.

The other big feature that comes with the update is the ability to add a backdrop.

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The website linking feature was already available to brand pages and is being released for users now on iOS and Android. This means once you've sent a URL, you don't have to search for it again. The last one is made up of the fire and 100% emoji. Then the app will automatically apply the background filter to the rest of the image.

It will be interesting to see Facebook's response to these new Snapchat features or, to be exact, how long it (or Instagram) takes to copy these new Snapchat features.

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Snapchat adds background filters, links in stories