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Main » UAE says Qatar "reluctant" to end support of "terrorism"

UAE says Qatar "reluctant" to end support of "terrorism"

04 July 2017

The response of the Qatar government was delivered by its Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, who made a short visit to Kuwait, the Gulf official said, requesting anonymity.

On June 5, the four countries announced their decision to sever their ties with Qatar, explaining that the country supports terrorist groups and has been meddling in other countries' internal affairs.

The United States has supported Kuwait's attempt to mediate the Gulf Arabs' dispute.

Among the six Gulf Cooperation Council states, Kuwait and Oman did not join the anti-Qatar blockade and the Kuwaiti leadership has been communicating with all parties of the crisis to reach a solution.

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The nation now has just a short time to meet 13 demands from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

After more than two weeks, the four countries gave Doha 10 days, or until Sunday night, to comply with a 13-point demand list in exchange for the end of the anti-Qatar measures.

On Saturday, the gas-rich state's foreign minister said it would reject the demands, but that it was ready to engage in dialog.

They include scaling down ties with Iran, closing news network Al Jazeera and a Turkish military base in Qatar.

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"He reiterated the importance of stopping terrorist financing and discrediting extremist ideology", according to the White House.

May "raised the issue of the ongoing isolation of Qatar", stressing the need for all sides take "urgent steps to de-escalate the situation and restore GCC unity", her office said in a statement. "Qatar is prepared to face whatever consequences", Al-Thani said.

Doha called these demands "unrealistic, unbalanced, illogical and unfeasible" and expressed its willingness to negotiate if appropriate conditions are met.

One punishment reportedly being mulled is suspending Qatar from the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), a bloc allied with the United States, according to Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya news channel.

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The content of the letter and the four boycotting countries' next moves will be discussed Wednesday when their respective leaders are expected to meet in Cairo.