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Police seize 600 lbs of illegal fireworks from Fillmore residence

02 July 2017

While train shipments take them to states where they're legal, some trucks deliver illegal fireworks to black-market sellers in California via what's known as "drop shipments", he says.

"Fireworks and fireworks displays can be fun and enjoyable for all ages, but fireworks can be unsafe and destructive if not handled properly", said Fire Marshal Tim Connell. In one case, he said, children burned down a play structure, after playing with fireworks.

Spot an illegal firework this Fourth of July weekend? "If you plan to shoot fireworks, make sure to have a source of water close by, and use consideration for your neighbors, especially those who are veterans or elderly, or who have animals sensitive to the noise".

Whether it's a backyard picnic or larger celebration, consumer fireworks can turn what is supposed to be a celebratory occasion into a tragic event if the proper safety rules and laws are not observed.

The fire, near the 2100 block of Hawthorne, didn't harm anyone, but it quickly spread, firefighters said, because of dry grass and a nearby homeless camp.

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But some local fire departments are also asking residents to use a free smartphone app called "Nail 'em" to help officials track illegal firework trends and hotspots.

Parents should also use extreme caution with small children around fireworks.

The gates open at 6 p.m. and the show starts at 9 p.m.

He said people have disposed of still-hot used fireworks and ignited their trash.

Fire officials said while there are now no fire restrictions in place and the risk of grass fires is now low, residents need to be cautious.

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Typically, that means lighting them in the street, which is where most people do.

Aurora leaders have issued a reminder that residents shouldn't be using illegal fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July. Be sure to douse s used fireworks in water before picking them up, and before throwing them in the trash to avoid the risk of starting a fire. "Anything that goes up in the air is illegal in California", he says.

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"This is one of the busiest days, and then the next two days after will be busy with July 4th on Tuesday".

"We just want people to celebrate safely", said Hanford Fire Chief Chris Ekk.

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"At this point right now, I think (the chances) are low to moderate, but it's always good to be on the safe side", he said.

Police seize 600 lbs of illegal fireworks from Fillmore residence