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Trump hails 'energy revolution' as exports surge

28 June 2017

President Trump will be focused on American "energy dominance", and touting the boom in usa fossil fuels and plans to support and increase energy exports.

Perry said Monday, June 26, that the Trump administration is confident officials can "pave the path toward US energy dominance" by exporting oil, gas and coal to markets around the world, and promoting nuclear energy and even renewables such as wind and solar power.

"I'm confident that, working together, we can usher in a golden age of American energy dominance and the extraordinary financial and security benefits that it brings to our citizens, not only the Native Americans, but all over the country", Trump said during brief remarks in front of reporters before the meeting.

"An energy-dominant America means a self-reliant, a secure nation, free from geopolitical turmoil of other nations who seek to use energy as an economic weapon".

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The White House is launching its "energy week" with a series of events focused on jobs and boosting USA global influence.

During his meeting with a group of energy leaders in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Trump told them that the U.S. was becoming more and more energy-dominant. I agree with them it's nonsense, ' Perry said.

"I have not had that conversation with him", Perry said. He also said new discoveries in carbon capture for coal-fired power plants might surprise the world soon. "They're just not", said Perry, reverting to well-worn lines from his days as a governor and presidential candidate. For those of you new to the topic, Perry ordered the study earlier this year. "How much effect is what is at debate here", he said. "If we do not, then China and Russian Federation will fill that void", he said.

The focus on energy began at a meeting between Trump and India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with USA natural gas exports part of the discussion.

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India already has long-term gas import deal with US. It has been widely criticized prior to release, based on its questionable authorship, scanty 60 day deadline, failure to involve any experienced grid stakeholders, and a memo from Perry that front-loaded the study in favor of coal. "Since you get behind the scenes in ways that we don't, during the campaign you famously said of candidate Trump that his candidacy was a cancer on conservatism", Alexander said. And they're not the only energy experts saying so.

Commissioner Colette Honorable, who announced earlier this week that her last day at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission would be Friday, also suggested that changes to the USA energy mix are due to market forces. Previous year solar panels, natural gas turbines and wind farms combined represented more than 90 percent of utility-scale additions on the USA power grid, according to the Energy Department.

"We're becoming more and more energy dominant".

As for nuclear energy, so far atom power has not been a particular area of interest for President Trump. And more importantly, what is the United States going to do to affect that?

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It's unclear what the administration could do to help the coal and nuclear power industries, although Trump could announce new initiatives tomorrow when he's scheduled to speak at Energy Department headquarters.

Trump hails 'energy revolution' as exports surge